Selected artist fee

We are having a great response to the Open Call and thought it best to get the fee announced as soon as possible.

The fee for selected artists will be £95. This is a one-off fee, only one fee is applicable regardless of the amount of works selected (max of 3). No commission is charged on sales. One of the main aims of TIAF has always been to counter balance the exclusivity of Frieze and the high cost of The Other Art Fair (£1000+). We respect what those fairs do but believe there also needed to be an alternative for less commercial work and a more affordable way for artist to show their work to all the art lovers and visitors to London in that week.

TIAF London is run by artists for artists. We are completely non-profit and the fee charged is solely to cover costs of putting the exhibition on in a central location.

We are not a corporate venture, we are an artist collective aiming to give other artists an affordable platform to show work in London at the busiest and most high-profile week of the art calendar.

As a quality over quantity exhibition, we do not stack works floor to ceiling as we are trying to offer the many visitors a different experience to the over abundant fairs that now preside in every city.

We look forward to seeing more exciting submissions.

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