Shows to see-coming up

Time = Change (Part 2)

by thefinsburyparkdeltics

Alongside my stuff and works by emerging artists, are artworks by Jamie McCartney featuring plaster and glass casts of women’s genitals in a similar vein to the now famous ‘Great Wall of Vagina’ as well as debuting a new collection of images from his ‘Physical Photography’ series.

Brigitte Boldy explores the social implications of child brides, while Laura Bello champions the need for peace and implores us to accept that violence against women affects us all, whoever and wherever we are.

Sally Grumbridge continues the theme of previous projects looking at women in war, going beyond the usual stereotypes by using historical research to highlight female heroes of WWII. Continuing to revive memories of outstanding women, Carol-Ann Lyne draws our attention to a group of inspiring (but overlooked) historical figures.

Sculptor Christopher Guest challenges the arbitrary violence towards women enshrined in the respectability of classical myth; Marianne Frank takes on the topic of plastic surgery and ageing in a series of shocking and powerful paintings, and Tina Viljoen references human trafficking in her reflections on the slave trade.

Renee Rilexie presents ‘Voices’, a multi-media installation featuring vox-pop audio and fluorescent lips, while The Finsbury Park Deltics considers female sexuality and warns that new technology could lead women into greater peril than ever before. Artist and fashion designer Nora Velazco presents ‘Dior Me’, a project inspired by Eva Peron’s love of the famous fashion house.

In ‘A Woman’s Place?’ Natalie Sirett explores changing contemporary relationships to the home, asking why ‘homemaker’ is still a derogatory term, while Tareshvari Robinson celebrates friendship and shared experiences between women of different cultures in her installations ‘3 Women of East London’ and ‘All In The Same Boat’.

I Want What I Do To Be Memorable time-=-change-A6-invite-FRONT-v3 time = change a6 invite REAR v2

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