We continue to show the wonderful artists who took part in TIAF London 2013. You can still contact the artists if you are interested in purchasing their work. Simply email tiaflondonf@gmail.com
https://mail-attachment.googleusercontent.com/attachment/?ui=2&ik=5ed45bc2ae&view=att&th=140c1ab2e14caaed&attid=0.3&disp=inline&realattid=f_hkvmh7vv2&safe=1&zw&saduie=AG9B_P-9Je3U7mzOcjM3BOsC28Zy&sadet=1382569726984&sads=o3dRw81GLalH5xPzc8C0Yzf_L28 Roberta Orlando   http://r0inconnu.blogspot.com/
Despite the Overt Trappings of Wealth the Feeling of Despair is Absolute tfpd The Finsbury Park Deltics       info@thefinsburyparkdeltics.com
she came from the sea Petrusco MenglerPetrusco  petruscoseye.com
TIAF London 2013.
Wonderful night at the Private View on Wednesday Eve. Thank-you to the hundreds of people who joined us for; music from AuntieMaureen;  performance from Valeria Geremia and a wee dram from anCnoc Single Malt Whisky.
TIAF London PV 13
Olivia Strange  'ugly to the sublime'Olivia Strange ‘Ugly to the Sublime’
NickCobb Paternoster Square‘Paternoster Square’ Nick Cobb

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