Remember you can buy direct from the artist without paying gallery commission. If you would like any further details, just get in touch. TIAF London supports emerging and established artists that produce interesting and challenging work. Aiming to provide an affordable platform for contemporary art. Join us in the alternative art access.Image

Sana Khan



Sharon Drew


We continue to show the wonderful artists who took part in TIAF London 2013. You can still contact the artists if you are interested in purchasing their work. Simply email Roberta Orlando
Despite the Overt Trappings of Wealth the Feeling of Despair is Absolute tfpd The Finsbury Park Deltics
she came from the sea Petrusco MenglerPetrusco
TIAF London 2013.
Wonderful night at the Private View on Wednesday Eve. Thank-you to the hundreds of people who joined us for; music from AuntieMaureen;  performance from Valeria Geremia and a wee dram from anCnoc Single Malt Whisky.
TIAF London PV 13
Olivia Strange  'ugly to the sublime'Olivia Strange ‘Ugly to the Sublime’
NickCobb Paternoster Square‘Paternoster Square’ Nick Cobb